Oh, and there's also a small fee for the job!

You asked me so I'll try to clarify it in short. As far as the flag goes. It’s a reflection and an adapted quote coming from my recent experience of being an intern for a performance art festival. I stepped into that position in mutual agreement with the festival team that I’ll be reflecting on what it means to be an intern. That happened by making the flag and also another short text (which came out as a flouished job application). The flag showed up once again at the closing of the festival, since they had a small event about our position as side-jobbing artists, trying to make it in spite of financial limitations.

The event in question was named "The Labour of Art" and it had the following framing:

"We are art workers: organizers, caretakers, facilitators, truck drivers, babysitters, waitresses, social workers, entrepreneurs, mediators, cleaners, hosts, teachers, researchers, providers, delivery couriers, sex workers, technicians, curators, builders, maintainers. We are über- flexible, always available, adaptable, traveling, moving in and out, carrying things around, multitasking, fixing, always applying, negotiating, running, freelancing. We do anything for art. Join an evening of words but not only. A talk where we are allowed to discuss the meaning of success, assume failure, or just confess having (artistic) success but no money to pay your rent. Among other things, we will discuss the fair practice code from the art workers perspective. Come as you are."

During the event I asked others to reflect alongside me and share quotes (either inspiring or downright depressing), if they were ever in the position of being offered “a small fee” for their work, as a aside thought.

By now I have two flags with quotes and more to follow. The flag became an appendage to my talks on the topic of sidejobbing in that sense. Though the website still portrays it as clean. But just as the work mutates, so will the flags.

I'm going to give them time.

As a sidenote, all photographs from "The Labour of Art" event are made by Thomas Lenden.

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