Talk, don't listen

A ten day residency in the Ruhr area on the topic of mobility brought about questions as to what it actually means to be mobile. It’s the mobility of thought and of relations which can turn into the most stiff topics that few would like to broach.

To reflect on this I’ve created a space for digesting all comments which were recorded in dialogue: one open structure for displaced thought. Comments could be spoken out loud and in plain sight during the show, their feed being transmitted on the other end of the exhibition space, masking the identity of the speakers.

Along with this a text, recording the initial impresions about the city of Gelsenkirchen, was spoken out loud and was available to be read through.

This gave potential for noise, exchange or silence, during a 6 hour public viewing.

Part of: Rietveld Mobility Ruhr, October 18th, Gelsenkirchen at the Halfmannshof.

Made possible with the help of: Urbane Künste Ruhr.

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